Thursday, 13 September 2018

13. Bored

Just a quick post because I'm bored I am currently laid up with a bad back so thought I would do a quick post.
Also I'm bored of waiting to go to Bulgaria. Three weeks on Saturday we go back and I CANNOT WAIT. It will only be a flying visit for 5 days, Julie's daughter Megan and my eldest son Ross are coming with us too so they can have a glimpse of where we will be living.
When we get back I will only have seven weeks left to work. This move is crashing down on us and we have so much yet to do but on the other hand time seems to be going slower than ever, it's weird.

In other news Bailey our pampered pooch got his rabies jab last week for his pet passport. He loves the vets as everyone makes a fuss of him. We also got him his travel cage for the journey which he is not too sure about but with numerous treats he now seems content about going in it

Bailey's travel cage in Vladi the Caddy 

Bailey has also been brushing up on his Bulgarian lessons words like bone, poop, walkies at he wants to be prepared.

Immediately after his last Bulgarian lesson

Until next time take care

Thursday, 23 August 2018

12. Hurdles

As times is flying by towards our move to Bulgaria,except when I'm at work then it drags even though I only have 56 working shifts to do (not that I'm counting). There are hurdles we need to get over before we move.
The first of this was actually telling my parents we had bought our house. We told them we were planning to move earlier this year and the conversation went a bit like this.

Me "were moving to Bulgaria and were going in December"

My  dad " That's a bloody stupid idea , I've never heard anything so stupid in my life, don't expect me and your mum to come and see you were getting old I'm a ticking time bomb I could die at any moment. You should stay here and get another job when you retire. Bulgaria my arse" .

Me " so your not so keen on the idea then ? "

So  we were a tad apprehensive about telling them about our purchase. So a couple of weeks ago we went to see them and told them.

The conversation went like this.

Me " you know when we went to Bulgaria in July and we told you we stayed in a house, we didn't lie but we were economical with the truth the house was our house we bought it in April"

Mum " Oh lovely that's nice dear"
Dad   " How much was it ? "

In truth they were actually OK about it , I know it's not what they want us to do but you can't and shouldn't live your life on what other people want.
By the time we left my dad was asking where the nearest airport was and how far was our house from  said airport, so you never know we might have them visiting after all.

Last week was full on it was our second wedding anniversary so I bought Julie a lovely present something she will get great use of when we move, I did my research and went for quality something that will last her a lifetime. I didn't just want cheap and nasty she is worth so much more and deserves the best.

Julie's present she's a lucky girl.

Never let it be said I don't know how to treat a lady.
Seriously though we are taking some decent tools with us when we go so far the ones I have bought in Bulgaria appear to be made from butter and break almost immediately.
I bet somewhere there is a butter factory on some leafy green hillside and after a production run it goes like this.

Bill " ere Ben what should we do with all this left over scraps of butter"

Ben " shape it into tools and send em to Bulgaria, they will never know"

Bulgarian tools are pants.

The biggest hurdle of all was telling my kids we were moving to Bulgaria. I have 4 in total (yes I know it's a lot but I had 2 practice marriages before finally getting it right. Some say I just like wedding cake whiçh isn't untrue).
my eldest two are 29 and 26 and have their own lives and we told them ages ago and they are fine with it.
but I still had to tell my youngest two who are almost 16 and 13. All I can say is I was shitting myself , how would they react ? Would there be upset and anger ? Would they both storm off and never speak to me again. I love all my kids with all my heart and would do anything for them.
my youngest two live with their mum and over the past few years they have started to grow up and visits to dad have become less as they have started to go out to mates and develop their own interests. I still see them regularly only not as often after all what 13 year old (going on 25) wants a night at his dad's who doesn't have an x box when he can be with his mates.
So it was with real trepidation we had the conversation it went like this

Me " when I finish work in December me and Julie are moving to Bulgaria but I will be coming back to see you on regular occasions and you can come over and see us"

My kids " That's cool it's your life live it"

Me " so your ok with it, have you got any questions"

My kids " when we come over are you paying for the flights ? "

Me " of course , any other questions"

My kids " what's your password for Netflix on your TV "


Last week we also went looking at van 's just for a look mind to see what we fancied and you guessed it 2 hours later and numerous Great British Pounds later we are now the new owners of a  VW Caddy van.

So it was goodbye to Poppy Julie's car for the last 9 years

Goodbye poppy the smallest car in the world.

And it's hello to Vladi the Caddy

 Vladi the caddy

I will be now known as white van man

So that was our week and our hurdles only 15 more weeks now till we go. I'm sure there will be plenty more but that's enough for one week.......... I'm starting to stress but I'm sure it will be worth it. At least this week didn't involve snakes.

Until next time
Take care

Friday, 3 August 2018

Random photo's

Below are some random photo's we took whilst in Bulgaria that I haven't included in the last few post's. Everyone likes a piccy.

Our house (in the middle of our street)

Wild flowers on the roadside
Horse grazing on our street not the runaway one

Say cheese

View of the barn

Street outside our house

Sunflowers picked from the roadside

Watching England crash out of the world cup in our local shop/bar
Natural spring in Karan Verbovka

Monestry at Karan verbovka

On the road to Palamartsa
On the road to Dve Mogili 

A view across to our village

Busy village of Krepcha

One of our wood stores which might become a chicken coop
Our house through overgrown grapevines

Another view over our village

 View up the hill with smoke effect from our 13 day fire
Our 13 day fire

View to barn with some of my ultra modern tools

Nearby Chervan

A stray dog in our village he was so friendly
View down the hill to our house
Till next time
Take care

Thursday, 2 August 2018

And other things

I promise I will come up with some better titles in future.

We have been back now for nearly two weeks, and are already counting down till our next trip 9 weeks to go.
It's quite daunting for me anyway, how much land we have 2000 square metres in old money that's half an acre. Here's me never had much more than a small back garden and currently live in a two up two down terrace with a concreted back yard.
I left all the garden tools I owned in a past life along with a lot of my other worldly goods seven years ago to be precise. Isn't divorce brilliant 10 years of marriage an I got the TV lol.

Anyway I need to get some tools, I have found a few at the house in Bulgaria but I think they were made when God's dog was a pup they are that old.
I think the two main tools I will need will be a chainsaw and a brushcutter/strimmer. A chainsaw for cutting wood to keep us warm in the winter and a strimmer to tackle the garden and the jungle (which has thousands of snakes in it by the way).
I was toying with the idea of buying a good quality strimmer like a stihl but boy are they expensive.
So me being financially astute (read tightwad) I have done a bit of research on the tinternet and have decided to see how I get on with this one.

Screwfix strimmer
 It's £100 with a 1_year warranty not that that will be much use in Bulgaria but all the reviews are good for it and it's fitted with a snake alarm (I made that  bit up). If I get a couple of years out of it it might work out cheaper we will see.

It will need to be good to tackle the jungle

Plenty of gardening to be done


our village and garden is full of wildlife we regularly saw little lizards in the garden and one day I saw a large green and blue one, we have birds flying round from swifts or swallows I don't know the difference,sparrows and a  Jay seemed to visit regularly.
We have flies (not so good) wasps, bees, caterpillars, crickets, scorpions (only tiny ones thankfully) dragonflies and all sorts of weird bugs. One day we had a bat fall out of the barn which seemed to sleep all day on a path but flew off at night. Also one day in the road we saw what we thought was a fox but later discovered it was a  jackal !!!

this little fella fell out the barn.

Nice blue dragonfly

One day as we were sat outside the front of the house a car pulled up . It turned out to be one of our neighbours not that we have many. He wanted to know what we were doing at the house, he knew the previous owners and with the help of Google translate we managed to get across to him that we had bought the house. It's good to know he was keeping an eye on it.
His name was Ivan and lives at the top of the hill at the back of our house.
Later that day about 2 pm I could here some metal dragging along the road, I stuck my head out of the gate to see a horse trotting past with a 20 foot chain around its ankle and a large metal stake that it had pulled out of the ground and obviously escaped from somewhere at the top of the hill.
I got in the car and drove up to ivans house and started to beep the car horn and shout ivan.
a couple of minutes later Ivan came out wearing his underpants obviously woken from a sleep. Where else other than Bulgaria can you stand outside your house in your undies and think nothing of it.
again Google translate to the rescue he must of thought I was mad but eventually I got him to understand.
Ivan put his shorts on and we drove around the village looking for the runaway horse.
After about 30 minutes we found the horse on a street near ivan's.
Ivan shouted at the horse and it came towards us I swear it was smiling. It turned out it wasn't even his horse.

I went back home and about an hour later Ivan turned up at our gate with a large watermelon for us to say thank you , how kind, the villagers are so friendly.

A random picture of a bottle of vodka £4.50 think we will like it here.

Till next time
Take care

Thursday, 26 July 2018


Not the most original post name I know but below is a list of things we did/saw/thought/said/liked/disliked etc etc etc during our two weeks in Bulgaria.

1 number of flies swotted 24583
2 number of times we said WTF is that bug 1508
3 number of times we said ITS TOO HOT 36
4 number of times we said IS THAT RAIN 6
5 number of fires we had in the garden 1 for 13 days
6 buckets of sweat sweated 9 (if you move an arm you sweat, if you cough you sweat)
7 weeds pulled out 548376299
8 lizards seen in the garden 8
9 bats seen 5 or 6 a night
10 fireflies seen 1 a night
11 stars in the sky thousands (its amazing)
12 beer drunk lots
13 wine drunk, more than the beer
14 mozzie bites too many
15 Skoda Fabias are crap cars (we usually get a clio much better)
16 number of brambles that wrapped round my leg in garden 250
17 number of brambles that wrapped round my leg in the garden that i thought was a snake ready to bite me 250
18 snakes seen in garden 0 but i just know there are thousands in the jungle waiting for me when i get my strimmer.
19 snakes seen 1 but it was dead on the road, phew.
20 wasp nests we have 1 will be gone in the winter
21 bulgarian tools are crap, i bought some secateurs and hedge trimmers both brok
22 donkies heard 1 every day, eeh aww eeh aww ehh awways brayed (sorry)
23 there are lots of chickens
24 restaraunts sell chips chicken pork,pizza and chicken livers never anything else.
25 if you order chips they come 20 minutes before your meal.
26 Bulgarians are really friendly people
27 its difficult to buy two drinks in our local bar for more than a quid
28 our local bar is also a shop
29 english people spoke to in 2 weeks 4
30 snakes i thought i saw in the garden 478

Crap Skoda Fabia hire car

This little guy was dead thank god

My left leg got mozzied big time, sorry for the Eric Morcombe shorts in shot

A blue Bulgarian drink

Dont wear ankle socks before going to the pool

Lovechs answer to weatherspoons this is a great bar overlooking the river, run by an old lady who must be 90 everything was 1 lev and it was busy, away from the posh part of town. If I lived in Lovech this would be my local.

The toilet in Weatherspoons, at least you didnt have a 2 mile walk
and 4 flights of stairs to get to it

Thats all for now see you soon.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

We are back in reality

I cant believe nearly two months has passed since I last wrote a blog post. It seems we have been waiting to go to Bulgaria for what seems an eternity and unfortunately we had to fly back to the UK on the 19th July after two fantastic weeks there.
We flew out on the 5th July and Easy jet deposited us on time as is usually the case, at Terminal 1 Sofia airport. We picked up our hire car and headed for an overnight stay in the town of Lovech.
it was late afternoon when we arrived at Lovech and we were hot and tired after checking in it was time for a beer, as we sat in the bar area outside we got talking to two guys Kiaren and Ken who were brothers in law and on their first trip to Bulgaria and had been there about 3 or 4 days and had just bought a house in that region.
So after a couple more refreshing beers and a chat about all things Bulgarian and how bad England is we got cleaned up and went into the town for a meal.

The following morning we had arranged to meet Monica our estate agent at 11:30 am at our house, but we were that excited we were awake about 5am so set off early for the 3 hour drive to our village.
We got there around 10 am so I gave Monica a quick call to see if it suited her to come any earlier and she was already on her way and was about 30 minutes away.
Monica arrived and we got to access our house for the first time.
The house is already renovated and we had had half the garden strimmed before our arrival courtesy of Monica.
What I hadn't expected and I dont know why was the amount of cobwebs dead flies and spiders that were in the house. It has been empty for about 16 months and is in the country side so why shouldn't it be cobwebby (if thats a word)
It was like a house that had been dressed up for halloween inside but it was ours.

A small cobweb !

There were some strange looking bugs and insects inside

                                                         Just a selection of insects

It was to battle with a vacuum cleaner and a couple of hours later the upstairs apartment we have was spick and span and liveable in so we decided to call it a day on the cleaning and live in the apartment whilst we cleaned downstairs which had more cobwebs in it.

We popped to the nearby town of Opaka which is about 5 miles away and stocked up with some food, beer and wine (beer and wine being the essentials) and that night we sat outside eating and drinking listening to the crickets and watching bats fly around the garden and firelies flashing their bums with the sound of the odd donkey braying and chicken making chickeny noises and the odd village dog barking before crashing out after a long day.

Our House next to the not strimmed land affectionately called THE JUNGLE


What will be our veg patch

View up to the jungle

The road outside busy busy 

A selection of more weeds for removal

View over the middle garden to the village

hire car on drive , even the outside needs weeding

An 80p bottle of wine I know its expensive but we splashed out on a housewarming drink.

Rush hour

I will end this post here and update further in the next few days as my tablet seems to be having a mind of its own 

Take care see you soon